Reactime -
a time travel debugger for modern React applications

Use the Chrome Extension that rewinds time and replays previous versions of stateful React components.

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Core Features

What makes Reactime great?

Reactime is full of features that will make life easier as a developer. From time-travel debugging to state snapshot display, check out how using Reactime will improve the developer experience.

State SnapShot Display

See your application state in a stylized and interactive format for clear and concise state management

Time Travel Rendering

Rewind to previous state changes from your DOM history with a simple click of a button

Action Comparison & Snapshot Series

Save a series of state snapshots and use it to analyze changes in component render performance between current and previous series of snapshots

Components Performance Display

Visualize the relative latency trends introduced by re-rendering each component on state change

Download State History

Easily save your state history as a JSON source file for future reference

Atom and Selector Relationships

Visualize the mapping of Atoms and Selectors to components in Recoil Apps

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